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The pancracker was originally designed for use by Lincolnshire brassica & potato growers where soil can vary from rich silt to heavy clay & double cropping can lead to extra soil compaction resulting in stunted plant growth & premature “buttoning” in cauliflower plants, as well as surface water retention after heavy rain shower.

The machine is mounted directly onto the tractor with the power harrow or implement close coupled behind increasing the lift arm hitching point distance by just 18 inches!

The instant adjustable subsoiler legs are normally set to run below the bottom of the harrow blade or tine to break the pan which has always been associated with the continental use of mechanical tilling & wheel compaction, without the necessity to use deep subsoiling methods.

How many times have you said it could do with another pass but worry about compaction?

Now that concern can be a thing of the past. Fit your power harrow or implement to a pancracker & eradicate soil compaction, mechanical panning & tractor wheelings whilst at the same time, produce a well cultivated, drained & aerated plant or seed bed!

Running the pancracker immediately in front of the power harrow or rotorvator has the added benefit of loosening the soil immediately prior to it entering the power harrow or rotorvator thus increasing the life of the tines, reducing torque on the machine gearbox & rotor gears, increasing ground speed & reducing fuel consumption.

Operator comfort is much improved by the reduction of vibration normally associated with mechanical cultivation.

  • Universal fitting
  • Easy to pull
  • No extra horsepower required
  • Reduce wear
  • 2m – 8m width


  • Rear height adjustable drawbar
  • Depth wheels
  • Packer roll

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